Thaumaturge Announcement Trailer Secret Was Gameplay Trailer

The gameplay trailer for The Thaumaturge has been released, with a puzzling catch.

Fool's Theory and 11 bit studios has released the gameplay trailer for The Thaumaturge. Available only on their website, a puzzle must be solved in order to watch. The solution to the puzzle is the "secret" from the announcement trailer

Highlighted with a slow down in the announcement trailer is the finger motions the Thaumaturge does to summon his Salutor. The same pattern must be replicated on the website to access the gameplay trailer. Starting at the blinking red light on the leftmost point, trace a line heading to the top point, then right, then bottom and finally to the left point to connect it all. This will "unlock" the trailer. 

Image via Fool's Theory

The gameplay itself highlights a fisticuffs brawl, the Salutors menu page, and some combat mechanics. It appears that a card based system will be used for the Salutors attacks during battle. The environment itself is beautiful designed, both gorgeous and grim at the same time. A bit more of the story is told in the trailer's last moments.

While not much of the story is known at this time, what we do know is The Thaumaturge takes place in 20th century Warsaw under a Russian Tsardom. Culturally, and economically diverse, the game focuses on everyone having their own demons. With morally ambiguous choices throughout the game and the power to literally change the world around them, Thaumaturges can be savior or executor. 

The Thaumaturge was just announced and no release date has been set. A behind doors demo will be available at GDC 2023 in San Francisco. Keep up with The Thaumaturge news with our game page

Featured image via Fool's Theory


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Published Mar. 2nd 2023

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