Yakuza 5 - Where to take tourist spot photos in each area

Each of Yakuza 5's twenty five photography spots mapped out for your convenience. Taxi driving and gambling is more fun anyway.

Yakuza 5 is just chock full of substories and minigames to play through during your adventure. The tourist spot photography activity is just one of many you'll come across in-game, and is one of the few available in each of the game's five cities.

Finding just the right shots to appease each city's tourism boards can be tough if you don't have a keen eye for action indicators at the top right of the UI. Luckily that's all you need -- you don't need to aim a camera or anything to get the promotional shots. Each photographic spot is in a set location. When you approach one, look for the "Take" action indicator and press X to take a picture.

Each city has five scenic locations for you to take a photo of, and one tourism board member to talk to when you begin and end the activity. You'll be rewarded for each area you complete.

The images below were taken from Ryuu ga Gotoku 5 (Yakuza 5) section of Japanese site Ga-mo. The pink circles indicate the tourism board members and the red stars indicate each of the scenic spots.

Nagasugai (Fukuoka) photography spots

Nagasugai map

Tsukimino (Sapporo) photography spots

Yakuza 5 Tsukimino map

Soutenburi (Osaka) photography spots

Soutenburi map

Kineicho (Nagoya) photography spots

Yakuza 5 kineicho map

Kamurocho (Tokyo) photography spots

Yakuza 5 Kamurocho map

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