TERA to Release Gunner Class This Tuesday

It's about time TERA got a gun-wielding class.

Gunners? In my TERA? It's more likely thank you think.

This week TERA players will be able to get their hands on the new and shiny Gunner class, the second new class added to the game since its release. And man, it looks cool.

This new class will make use of a new resource system called Willpower on top of the standard MP used by most of the game's other classes. Willpower charges with each enemy kill and depletes when not in combat. Certain skills, such as Balder's Vengeance and Burst Fire, require Willpower to use.

The Gunner will also be TERA's second minion-summoning class, alongside the Mystic. Gunners will be able to summon ST turrets to shoot enemies in range. It can also self-destruct to cause heavy AoE damage.

There's a lot to look forward to with this class, as rumor has it that the Gunner is the fastest class in the game. We'll be sure to see soon enough, with the class's release coming this Tuesday.

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Published May. 3rd 2015

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