10 Worst Reviewed Games of 2016

10. Ace Banana

Metacritic Score: 38 (User Score: 4.8)

You'd be forgiven for thinking that a VR game in which you play as a banana with a knack for archery couldn't be anything but amazing. Sadly, Ace Banana for PSVR is anything but ace. Sorry.

Ace Banana sees waves of monkeys trying to steal your banana friends, forcing you to pull out your bow and ward them off -- using the Move controllers. The actual act of shooting the arrows is OK, but not as accurate or responsive as one would hope, and the visuals are like that of a PS2 (or Wii U) game.

Ace Banana isn't a broken game, but it's a PSVR launch title that Sony will be hoping you forget sooner rather than later.

Published Jan. 20th 2017

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