10 Worst Reviewed Games of 2016

9. Coffin Dodgers

Metacritic Score: 36 (User Score: 4.4)

On the face of it, Coffin Dodgers is a pretty great idea for a game. The grim reaper comes to take the lives of the residents of a retirement home, so they hop on their mobility scooters and try to outrun him. Kart racers are usually great -- they're hard to screw up -- but Coffin Dodgers did just that.

The mechanics are everything in a kart racer, which is partially why Mario Kart is so fantastic, and Coffin Dodgers definitely needed some more time in the oven to balance out the gameplay. You'll find yourself braking with frustrating regularity -- and should you find yourself in 1st place, you'd have to throw the race away to actually lose.

It's a shame how this one turned out because the visuals are nice, the idea fun, and the soundtrack lively. Alas, Coffin Dodgers is one better left in the grave.

Published Jan. 20th 2017

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