10 Worst Reviewed Games of 2016

7. Umbrella Corps

Metacritic Score: 36 (User Score: 2.3)

Ahh, the last straw for the Resident Evil series...as we knew it. After the mega-success of Resident Evil 4, developer Capcom seemingly misunderstood what we loved about the series. In the follow-ups to the masterpiece, Capcom chose to focus on big-budget action (as opposed to survival horror), and the series took a serious downturn as a result.

Just when you thought the series couldn't get any worse, Capcom followed-up Resident Evil 6 with Umbrella Corps - a multiplayer shooter. Clearly Capcom was attempting to capitalise on the success of the FPS genre but it didn't believe enough in Umbrella Corps to give it the RE branding. Well, that turned out to be a smart decision; Corps is a clumsy, ugly, un-fun mess that should have been aborted.

While Umbrella Corps was undoubtedly the ultimate low-point for the Resident Evil series, it's great to know that Resident Evil 7 is about to release and looks like a genuine return to form.

Published Jan. 20th 2017

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