WRC 6 Release Month Officially Announced

Fans of the World Rally Championship are in for a treat as the official tie-in videogame is due for release next month.

Developer Kylotonn Racing Games and publisher Bigben have announced that WRC 6, the official tie-in to this year's FIA World Rally Championship will be releasing worldwide in October.

This confirmation also comes with a trailer that shows off the game's multiplayer split-screen mode, confirming that there will be local play - a feature that some multiplayer games nowadays tend to omit. Though it's most likely that WRC 6 will have online play as well.

The game will also have regional-exclusive box-art, with a different car on the cover depending on where it's released.

As for content, it will feature all 14 WRC events and all official drivers and teams, as well as a selection of WRC 2 drivers and Junior WRC drivers.

WRC 6 will be released on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.


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Published Sep. 5th 2016

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