Play Mirror's Edge Catalyst trial 5 days early with EA Access

Play the new Mirror's edge a few days early

Are you excited about Mirror's Edge Catalyst? If you are interested in this upcoming reboot of the 2008 cult hit Mirror's Edge, and are a member of EA Access, you will be able to play a trial of the game on June 2nd. The catch is that you can only play the game for only 6 hours. Usually, EA Access trials are around 10 hours long. And while neither EA nor Dice has said how long the game will be, DICE has said the game's open-world city is "huge" and explorable, unlike the more linear original. This is presumably done to prevent players from beating the game before its release date next month.

Originally planned to come out in February of this year, Mirror's Edge Catalyst was pushed back to May 24th and was later pushed back to June 7th. It will be available for Playstation 4, Xbox One, and P.C. EA Access is only available for Xbox One and P.C.


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Published May. 23rd 2016

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