7 Days To Die Caught Stealing Assets From Killing Floor

The CLOT infected asset from Killing Floor was discovered in footage of the game 7 Days to Die.

Fun Pimps, the devs behind the game 7 Days to Die were caught red-handed with assets from Tripwire's Killing Floor. After discovering the infringement, Tripwire tracked the source back to a seller on the Unity assets store. Other than being banned, no details on legal actions have been released in relation to the seller.

As far as 7 Days to Die, the game has been removed from Steam. Although Fun Pimps claim the asset was just a placeholder, legal actions are in the works. Fun Pimps is working on an update to remove the asset so the game no longer infringes on Tripwire's Killing Floor. Following that update, it's likely we will see 7 Days to Die return to Steam after talks with Valve and Tripwire are resolved.

To the right you can see the original Killing Floor model and compare it to the 7 Days to Die model in the header.

I guess the lesson to be learned from all this is to be wary of the assets you purchase and do some research into them first. This could have been easily avoided if Fun Pimps had done some research beforehand. It sounds like it will be a quick and easy resolution, so here's to hoping fans of 7 Days to Die get some good news in the near future.

Published Oct. 23rd 2013

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