The Wolf Among Us Episode 2 Hits in February

The Wolf Among Us will release its second episode soon!

Telltale Games has been pretty busy with both The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us. While TWD is in its second season (which started off strong with an insanely emotional first episode), The Wolf Among Us is just now releasing its second episode after its premier last year.

The episode, titled Smoke and Mirrors, will be available in the first week of February, which is right around the corner.

It makes sense that over the span of the holidays, and with a lot of work going in to TWD, the second episode would be a bit delayed--one user complained on reddit about the lack of information. Kevin Bruner, co-founder of Telltale,  was quick to respond with his own thread, which contained a couple of rough updates and an apology for the delay. Bruner promises fans that it's very unlikely that delays like this will occur again in the future.

If you haven't played through the first episode yet, I strongly encourage you to do so. Though its only two or three hours depending on your pace, it's still an interesting venture into modern twists and renditions of some of our favorite Fables.

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Published Jan. 23rd 2014
  • Brandon Morgan
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    Well it's about time. The ending to the first episode was just too much of a cliffhanger.

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