XCOM2's new Specialist class hits extraterrestrials where it hurts

2K Games and IGN provide a first look at XCOM2's second new class.

When extraterrestrial life overtakes Earth, it's going to take quite the band of brothers and sisters to take back our cities. In XCOM2, a mix of artillery and stealth will make for the perfect covert team to destroy the alien infrastructure from within, and no covert team is complete without a technological savant. 

In an post on the XCOM official website and an IGN First Look this morning, June 10, we were introduced to an entirely new XCOM2 class. The Specialist will act as a Support to the XCOM team, providing a different kind of aid than expected. 

Typical support roles focus heavily on healing and stat boosts to the team, but the Specialist comes equipped with something that expands upon the class' usefulness - an aerial drone called the Gremlin.

Meet the Gremlin. Isn't he adorable?

As an XCOM first, players will be accompanied by a remote-controlled drone utilized by the Specialist. Using one of the Specialists turns, the Gremlin can hack into the enemy's infrastructure, affording the team a chance to attack the extraterrestrials from within. 

With a new focus on guerilla-style, tactical play, XCOM2 Art Director, Greg Foertsch, emphasises the importance of hacking.

"Hacking is going to be a prominent tactical gameplay mode that you will encounter on almost every mission type. You hack devices, workstations, and you can do that at range with the Gremlin.”

So how will hacking help bring down the aliens? Robotic enemies will be ripe for the taking with the Specialist's Intrusion Protocol ability. Turning the enemy's own machines against them will surely pay off for the XCOM team, thinning out the numbers without risking losing a soldier of their own.

Other upgradable abilities that the Gremlin is equipped with include an area-of-effect stun attack and the chance to protect squadmates as they head into the thick of battle. 

The Specialist reveal shortly follows the announcement of the Ranger class, a sword-wielding stealth operative. 

You can see the Ranger and Specialist in action at the 2015 E3 trade show, which 2K Games is now offering a few passes to.

{images courtesy of 2K Games and Firaxis Games}


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Published Sep. 8th 2017
  • MarkL_TGG
    I hope the feeling of dread every time a team member died is still present. One of my favorite things about XCOM.
  • GameSkinny Staff
    I am so freaking excited for this game :3c

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