Rockstar Games Set To Punish "Bad Sports" in Grand Theft Auto Online

Rockstar Games has implemented a reputation system into Grand Theft Auto Online that rewards players who play nicely and punishing those who do not.

Grand Theft Auto Online released yesterday, October 1, and Rockstar Games has built a system that they hope will improve the online community.  The online world of Los Santos supports 16 players at once and some players might feel that a good form of income is to hunt down other players for their money.  However, that tactic is going to make enemies and Rockstar Games will be keeping tabs on how players earn their money. 

So, if the threat of making enemies is not bad enough, Rockstar Games will be grouping players together by how they act.  The players that play "nicely" with one another will be kept in the servers with other "nice" players, and "bad sports" will be put into servers together.  This means that if a player goes around only killing other players, then that person will end up in a server with people who do the same.

It pays to play nicely with others...doesn't have to be non-violent though.

The idea with the system is to promote players to get along with each other and players will actually get a cash bonus for being a "Good Sport."  The sum of money is probably not as much as what players could potentially make from killing other players, but it will be a consistent form of income for players that play nicely. 

Honestly, the grouping of players together into servers that match their in-game behavior is a great idea.  With a large open-world environment, there are going to be players who run around with the sole intent of taking out other players.  This is an interesting way to deal with the problem of "griefers" and hopefully it works out as well as planned. 

Seriously, just don't be evil...

So be careful of how you act in Grand Theft Auto Online because Rockstar Games will be watching you!  Hopefully this "good sport/bad sport" system will work because those that play just to grief other players should be punished in some way.  Maybe a little time in a server filled with fellow griefers is just what that person needs to see how frustrating it is play with a griefer.

What is your take on Rockstar Games plan for Grand Theft Auto Online?  Do you think it will work like Rockstar Games intends it will?  Let me know in the comments below!


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Published Oct. 2nd 2013
  • Kimbly_4854
    I like this system (not only for the periodic $2k it gets me), but I have a problem with the extremely tiny font used over players' heads. Someone invited me to a race only to drop out and spend the rest of the FIFTEEN LAPS trying to spin me off-course. I managed to finish all the laps, and he dropped out at the second last one.

    I didn't get a chance to see his gamertag in time to report this behaviour which, I thought, would constitute 'griefing'.
    Any chance you could make the text just the slightest bit bigger? .. or have a control that lets me see who it is while in a race (the LB doesn't work then).

    Thanks!! :-)
  • DawnPHenry
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  • Matt_5764
    How can they expect people to play nice when the game is focused on being a criminal????
  • zack_9777
    fuck you, and fuck your opinion. gta is a free roam game based on breaking the rules freely. its just a video game. if you get that butt hurt every time you die in FREEMODE then you sir, are a vagina. i have plenty of friends i cant play with because they got into online shootouts just for fun. ridiculous that the penalties last for days and you cant even get into private lobbies with those punished, even if theyre on your friends list. completely absurd way to deal with reckless players. fines and bans from servers are good enough. it was already bad enough that you get wanted levels for stolen cars, and now this. we are witnessing the pussification of a great franchise.
  • MyNameIsProjekt
    First off, not sure the vulgar language was necessary and it makes your arguments pretty much null and void.

    Secondly, punctuation...

    Thirdly, don't shoot the messenger. I do not work for Rockstar so coming at me earns you nothing. If you don't like the system they have in place, put together an intelligent (obscenity-free) argument against the system.

    And fourthly, thanks for the view and Comment. :)
  • Toshiro Ireto
    GTA Online is a Zoo of wild monkeys waiting to be shot down...

    Go Solo or Survive in a sea of Griefing.
  • marshall_7568
    This game is becoming a game that I hate I was playing with a friend and accidently blew a friends car up and I'm a bad sport that bullshit rockstar I need. To get yalls shit together or ppl will quit playing s/n give them the money promise
  • sarge_3256
    its a very flawed system. griefing is killng the player not there car! they need to pull this system and retool it before putting it back into the game. im not a troller or a griefer and have been put into the bad sport lobby for the second time. im a clean player and am now being labled a bad sport and after will be labled a "dodgy player" they need to find a way to clearly mark when someone has there personal vehical so you know to be a little more careful. or something. and work on there spawns so if you kill someone they dont pop up directly behind you and have invincable for 3 sec.
  • Alskari
    Nice idea but I think it will fail in practice. The metrics they appear to be using (how many times you kill people) are woefully inadequate for such a complex game. If they use kicks as a metric, then they need to really re-evaluate how people are kicked. There are a myriad of ways to be an asshole in a game like this. I don't understand why a manual rating system wouldn't work. If you would play with someone again you could 'Like' them and if not then 'Dislike' them. Correlation there would be much simpler.

    As it is now the single most important thing for Rockstar to work on is getting global queues working for various instances. Jumping from session to session in an attempt to get into a LTS or Wave Defense instance is stupid and time consuming.
  • SuperZombieBear
    This would be great if it worked. When I started, I expected there would be players who would kill me. Personally, I don't attack anyone until they've made obvious attempts to kill me without my provocation (pulling a gun on me, cornering me in an alley to run me over). But the scenario I find myself in every time I play is that a guy kills me, and when I retaliate they kick me from the session. Yesterday, I happened to be walking through the north side of the map pretty far from any road, so I had no access to a car. Another play found me, and began to run me over repeatedly every time I spawned (passive mode doesn't prevent you from being run over. It DOES prevent you from activating the weapon wheel.) So, after I'd lost 10 grand from hospital bills and managed to deactivate passive mode, I stuck his car with a bomb and destroyed it. Now I'M labeled a bad sport. This system is very, very broken.
  • iam5t4r
    I Liked the Idea... At First. I Personally Have Been Labeled A Bad Sport. But I Did Not Do Anything. I Get Kicked From Servers For No Reason And Sometimes Drop Out Of Games Because Of Their Servers. I Was Down To 1 Hour They Give You 48. And All Of A Sudden It Jumped Back Up An ENtire Day. I Have Emailed RocKstar About This Issue 2 Days Ago And Received SoMe Automated Response. I've Written Two More Times And Still Haven't Heard Back. This Is Horribly Messed Up. Now I Can't Play With Friends Or Crew Mates. I Wish They Would At Least Email Me Back. It's A Good System But They Need To Work Out Their Flaws And Exploits.
  • Hazzer_7475
    Hi, I think that this sort of game REP is a great idea and should be brought in to other online games.It's a good way of sorting out the idiots from such a fantastic and well made game.Thinking about the 2wks waiting period for the online mode,should be brought into CoD and BF4 so it's fair for EVERYBODY and that nobody gets a head start in the WORLD RANKINGS


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