Hitman 3 7 Deadly Sins Act 2 Struts Onto the Scene Soon

The next Hitman 3 7 Deadly Sins episode is Pride, and it's out soon. See the new trailer for the DLC here.

Hitman 3 7 Deadly Sins Act 2 is Pride and releases May 10. IO Interactive released a new trailer showing off the next round of sinfulness Agent 47 can plunge into and a tantalizing glimpse at the new Hitman 3 escalation contract.

Like Greed before it, Hitman 3 7 Deadly Sins Act 2 is part of the 7 Deadly Sins pack for $24.99 or can be purchased as a standalone episode for $4.99.

Pride sees 47 take on a new set of challenges in Chongqing called The Pride Profusion, with the overriding idea being that he can handle these on his own without, or perhaps even in spite of, Diana.

IO didn't show what the contract is about, but it looks as if we'll be headed back down into the laboratory and dealing with more of Hush's minions on the rooftops.

For your troubles, you'll get a new suit, the glaringly ostentatious Narcissus suit, and two new sin-themed weapons: The Proud Swashbuckler and The Majestic. If you've yet to play Hitman 3, see why we called it a "display of immaculate level design and intoxicating mood from IO Interactive."


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Published May. 5th 2021

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