Science Kombat Lets You Finally Decide Who Would Win In A Fight Between Albert Einstein And Isaac Newton

Science Kombat lets you duke it out with some of the world's most famous scientific minds.

Science Kombat is a free browser fighting game developed by Superinteressante, a Brazillian science and culture magazine. Players take control of famous scientists, like Stephen Hawking and Charles Darwin, and duke it out around the world in order to finally decide which of history's top brains would come out on top in an all out brawl. 

The game's pixelated visual style hearkens back to old arcade fighters like Street Fighter II, but the slick animations that make up the characters actions far exceed the static animations of old 8-bit games.  

Controls in Science Kombat are pretty simple, with only light and heavy attacks and two special moves for each character.  The fighter's special moves are one of the most entertaining parts Science Kombat. Stephen Hawking can create black holes and teleport across the stage, Charles Darwin has an ability that lets him attack as different versions of hominids, and Marie Curie has Street Fighter inspired radium projectiles and uppercuts.   

There are also a bunch of little touches that make the game seem like a tribute to old arcade fighters. For example, each time you face a new opponent, a famous quote spoken by them is displayed on the screen, much like the "You must defeat Sheng Long to stand a chance" style quotes in Street Fighter.  

Superinteressante has stated that there is a possibility that Science Kombat will be ported to mobile devices, so an eventual roster expansion could theoretically happen.

The game is worth a couple minutes of your time if you're a fan of fighting games. You can check Science Kombat out on Superinteressante's website. There is a translation button labeled EN in the bottom left corner of the main menu.


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Published Jun. 23rd 2016

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