BioShock Infinite's floating city recreated in Fallout 4

The city of Columbia from BioShock Infinite was recreated in Fallout 4 settlements.

A lot of things have been made in Fallout 4 settlements so far -- cool little towns, towns surrounded by massive walls, and loads of pixel art. Now someone has created the floating city of Columbia from BioShock Infinite.

This settlement was created by the blogger GirlPlaysGames. A lot of detail has gone into it, from the lighthouse that is underneath the platforms, to the random bits of BioShock artwork put up across the town. Surprisingly, very few mods were used in making this settlement. According to the GirlPlaysGames blog post, 99% of the materials used came from the base game. One mod that GirlPlaysGames created to help her with the settlement was the BioShock Paintings mod. This mod adds more than 20 pieces of artwork from the BioShock series, including posters to advertise Vigors and a welcome to Rapture poster. 

If you are interested in building this settlement in Fallout 4, check out GirlPlaysGame blog post to see what mods were used in making the settlement, though her page is down at the moment. 


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Published Jan. 13th 2016

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