Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc Review

High school life is all about survival

When people complain that there aren't many good games on the PS Vita, I remind them of games such as Persona 4 Golden, Gravity Rush, and Injustice: Gods Among Us. Now, there is another great game to add to that list: Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. It is a dark, twisted tale of survival and what happens when your only chance for life is murder. This game is addicting from beginning to end, and holds nothing back. I must say, I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Welcome to Hope's Peak Academy

In this game, you play as average high school student Makoto Naegi, who gets accepted to Hope's Peak Academy, a school for the best of the best. Makoto soon finds himself trapped within the school with others, who soon find that the only way to escape is to murder another student. You get a story that delightfully mixes Battle Royale with the Ace Attorney series, as you have to figure out each murder as they happen. The story is full of twists and turns, never letting up, keeping you guessing until the end. Some of these twists come as complete shocks, with events that you did not see coming. This keeps the game going at a good pace, never letting you down, and keeping you on your toes.


Aside from the story, the court room "battles" really do shine. From the investigations to the actual court room arguments, these moments are exciting. You have to stay on your feet as you get to the bottom of each case, and the twists that occur in these sequences have you constantly changing your approach as things unfold. These moments really are the most enjoyable part of the game, and keep the game going at a great change of pace between the story and the actual battles.

Aside from the amazing story and great gameplay, the game also has an awesome art style. The characters all stand out from one another, with unique designs that help show the many different personalities of all the students. I also like the direction used; as this is a visual novel, all the settings come out as a pop-up book. This gives a unique look in a world of 3D models, and helps fit the style.

As awesome as I find this game, I do have to warn some that this is not a game for the easily squeamish. Some scenes are absolutely brutal, and there is no pulling back at these moments.  While this did not bother me, I know it would turn off some who do not like such dark content. Also, I did find a couple of students that I just did not like and that I did kind of got annoyed at. While the music does fit the game, I did find some of the tracks easily forgettable, and sometimes did not notice that there was music playing. I also wish that there was a quick travel system, as going back and forth through the school does get tedious.

In Conclusion... 

Despite these faults, Danganronpa was one of the most enjoyable games that I had played in a while. The story kept me hooked and the court room battles were addicting. I was actually a little disappointed that the game did end, and am looking forward to the second game that will release later this year. If you have a PS Vita, or are looking to pick one up, this is a game you have no excuse to miss. It hooks from the start and does not let go, and gives one hell of a ride.

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High school life is all about survival

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Published Mar. 8th 2014

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