[GW2 Fashion] ~ Embrace Wind's Deathly Chill

Embrace wind's deathly chill with this frosty, icy look.

Curin Derwin, Guardian of the Pale TreeBigger Main Image Link: http://i.imgur.com/WeC9FAy.jpgThe bitter frost has numbed this guardian from the pains of battle. The blades of his ice cut flesh and armor like a razor. Granting stability and guarding his allies with powerful magic, he remains an insurmountable foe on the battlefield, leaving only his allies to stand the victors."Night-time Glow" - Bigger Image Link: http://i.imgur.com/WDkR5Wu.jpgOutfit: Nightmare Armor Set Corrupted Weapons Holographic Shattered Wings "Neutral Stance" - Bigger Image Link: http://i.imgur.com/R81LwMm.jpgDyes Used: Breeze Frost Breeze Afternoon Celestial Pastel Blue Brook Body Features: Sky Skin Clear Sky Hair (Only Available in Makeover Kits)  Streamlet Glow  Finding the right dyes for each individual piece was difficult, as they must compliment the Seafoam Green effect that Sky skin has on the armor's unchangable Sylvari skin dye slot. The Brook and Celestial White dyes on the leggings recreate the look of snow and add a fantastic blend that the outfit needed for balance.The shattered wings are the natural fit as they are made of crystals resembling ice and are a perfect shade of blue.Corrupted weapons give off a frosty, steamy glow that gives Curin the overall appearance of a cold entity in a warm environment.Other choices include the newly added Shiverstone and the Icebreaker hammer. Since guardians cannot use axes, the legendary axe, Frostfang, was sadly not an option for a main weapon. However, warriors desiring this style can utilize the complimentary look of the legendary."Moonlit Sky" - Bigger Image Link: http://i.imgur.com/xm3lIkA.jpgOverall, this blue armor removes any doubt on the battlefield that Curin is a guardian and this works both for and against an advantage in WvW situations. Being easy to spot in PvE and WvW signals others to gravitate towards you and grab some boons and heals.Enjoy!Note: Sylvari Males currently have a bug while wearing the Nightmare Armor sets where light affects TA armor they wear differently than other Races or Female Sylvari's. This causes dramatically dark armor in fire areas and brilliantly bright aura when under the effects of the "chill" condition."Aleternate Weapon Set" - Bigger Image Link: http://i.imgur.com/ogMA0U5.jpg


Published Aug. 28th 2013
  • Ecobahn
  • Curin Derwin
    Thank you! =)
  • Tdubbs
    Such an awesome well thought out outfit! It comes together perfectly! absolute best of the bunch!
  • Rothalack
    Master O' Bugs
    Congratulations Curin, you've placed in the top ten for most Couture Tyrians!

    Check out your fellow finalists here!

  • landsquatter
    It's too bad about the frostfang being unusable by a guardian. it would be perfect
  • Algaexx
    So awesome!!
  • james_5418
    I'll try this on my sylvari after I buy an extreme makeover kit. Good job!
  • Scrumplet
    10/10 Would Dye
  • Mista Muldoun
    Pretty obvious how great this setup is.
  • Embassy_5248
    Sometimes when it's dark outside I look at this picture to brighten up my day. Curin is a man of destiny of true blue guardian of pure sexual prowess.
  • jazmynzee
    Beautiful and well thought out! I absolutely love every bit of it! <3
  • nate_5936
    This Armour is AWESOME!!!! 10 brownie points
  • Julian_7299
    Cool! Curin seems like quite a chill guy, but the thought of fighting him sends shivers down my spine! Is his battle cry "Freeze"?
  • Namida_9261
    Curin Derwin is the sexiest guardian in all of Tyria. 10/10 would sex.
  • Beautiful Duwang
    Definitely gotta try a version of this for my sylvari once I get some more pieces
  • Tony_7285
    This is sick! nice work!
  • ginuh
    I'm a stickler for shades and all of the different shades of blue you chose match really well together. I like how you put thought into your character's appearance and chose colors to compliment his personality and traits rather than simply choosing any items you thought were cool or looked nice.
  • thecrazywolf
  • bluecheez
    the wings are a nice touch
  • leksical
    respect for this dye combo
  • Curin Derwin
    Thank you!

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