The 8 Best Starbound Mods You Can't Live Without

Enhanced Storage

Download it on: The official Starbound MOD repository

If you are looking for ways of becoming a bit more powerful, without undermining the game's core experience, then this mod may help you find a balance that suits your taste. 

It mainly focuses on your ship's storage, but provides many other changes as well:

1.) Stored items in a container will be kept inside after smashing.

  • Items from world-generated containers can simply be picked up by smashing the container when the container was not opened before.

2.) Increased container space for all storage containers.

  • The number of slots depends on the used area of each container to maintain balance between small and large containers.
  • It is possible to increase the container space even more with an add-on mod.

3.) Items in a container can be sorted.

  • Sorting priority: Rarity -> Category -> Name -> Count -> Rot time.
  • Pressing the sort button again toggles the priority of Rarity (uncommon essential).

So if you're an intergalactic hoarder -- or just need some more space for that epic space journey you're about to embark upon -- make sure you check this mod out. 

Published Dec. 23rd 2016

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