5 Incredible Amplified Seeds From My Desk in Minecraft 1.11

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It's been awhile since the last time I played vanilla Minecraft and just took in the simplistic views and amazing vistas that amplified maps can provide. So, I decided to take a crack at generating some seeds based off of things I had on my desk and found myself pleasantly surprised.

Let's take a look at what I was able to come up with.


Seed: 1826197619

Spawn Biome: Extreme Hills

I had recently eaten lunch on, you guessed it -- a red dinner plate. This seed starts you off in an extreme hills biome with a massive ocean to the east, a stone beach to the west that blends into mountains, and more extreme hill spires to the north and south.

There are a number of floating land masses that would be really cool to connect with bridges, as well as a good dozen or so waterfalls to the south.


Seed: 1208409644

Spawn Biome: Forest/hills

The essential part of the "I'm a Twitch streamer" kit, my Bule Yeti microphone is always close at hand, even though I rarely stream anymore. This seed has a really impressive mountain range to the west as you can see in the picture above. The spawn point also has a cave closer to the ground on the west that leads to a massive network of twisting tunnels.

This seed has a really impressive mountain range to the west as you can see in the picture above. The spawn point also has a cave closer to the ground on the west that leads to a massive network of twisting tunnels.

Off to the south, there is a deep ocean biome that would be perfect for building a water kingdom into or maybe a field of oil rigs if you're going for an industrial look.


Seed: 1273753874

Spawn Biome: Desert Hills

If I'm at my desk it's safe to assume that I have coffee nearby. Knowing my caffeine habits, my girlfriend got me this cool Lego mug for Christmas last year that you can even build on.

This is a really cool seed as it spawns you right on the edge of this massive desert biome. The desert biome is speckled with a handful of savanna biomes and a number of small waterfalls. You can find the area pictured above roughly at X-330, Z-219. I think it would be a cool place to build a desert fortress or even a palace.


 Seed: 1258151828

Spawn Biome: Hills

My blue flash drive has a number of my college assignments from my programming classes. accidentally delete a project once and you'll see why it's important to keep backups!

This is a pretty cool seed with a massive desert extreme hills biome to the north and a village to the south -- around the coordinates of X-(-146), Z-632. It's a bit hard to navigate around, but there is a ton of food you can get from all of the crops and the blacksmith has an iron chest plate and 3 apples in his chest.

Another massive desert hills biome is behind the village and there are forested hills nearby as well.


Seed: -1850628506

Spawn Biome: plains/hills

Occasionally like to pretend that I can draw something more than crude stick figures and bust out my art tablet.

This is another really cool seed with tons of mountains all over the place. If you head south from the spawn area you'll find this quaint little village around X(-282), Z(-458). The smithy has some iron boots and 4 iron ingots and there are some wheat and carrots in the farm plot.

North of the spawn area is a sprawling frozen plains with an ice taiga the further north you go. This would be the perfect place to put a Game of Thrones joke but I'm not feeling very witty so use your imagination.

I hope that you enjoyed these amplified seeds based on the things on my desk. I have many fond memories of playing vanilla Minecraft from even early back in the alpha release days and it's nice to see it in its natural simplicity.

If you're more interested in modded content, however, make sure to keep an eye out for my upcoming article on Immersive Engineering -- a mod that is quickly becoming one of my personal favorites!

Published Mar. 9th 2017


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