New Details released for Upcoming RPG Maker Fes

Kadokawa Games released new details for their upcoming title RPG Maker Fes.

Kadokawa Games announced last month that the latest installment of the RPG Maker franchise would be released on 3DS. Yesterday, the company released new details for RPG Maker Fes, including SD card support, free game player, and character presets.

Set Variables and Character Presets

In typical RPG Maker fashion, RPG Maker Fes will allow players to set variables and utilize character presets to make their games. Setting variables are crucial to customizing games and will include event conditions, monster parameters, special skill parameters, weapons and armor parameters, item parameters, and more. Familiar character presets, such as the swordsman, soldier, priest magician, and various monsters, will return in the upcoming title as well.

SD Card Support

The announcement confirmed that RPG Maker Fes will feature SD card support. Up to 16 games can be saved to one SD card, allowing players to work on multiple RPGs at a time.

The Free RPG Maker Fes Player

Once a player creates a game, they can publish the game through the RPG Maker Fes Player. This allows others to access the game from the Nintendo eShop as a free download, even if they do not own RPG Maker Fes. This makes sharing your creations incredibly simple.

RPG Maker Fes is set to release on November 24 in Japan. No North American release date has been set.


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Published Sep. 30th 2016

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