EVE's Battle Record Broken By 4000 Players

A historic battle in the space of EVE broke the record with 4000 players joining the fight between the 2 biggest alliances: TEST and CFC.

Last weekend, the online game EVE featured what is now the record holder of the most participated fight since its release. A small introduction to the game: EVE is one of the most played MMOs. It’s a highly complicated space combat simulator that may be a dream for a Star Wars fan. So now that you know what I’m talking about, let us talk about the historic battle.

This is a screenshot from the battle that took place online, featuring more than 4000 players from all around the world, and lasted for a whole 5 hours between two of the largest alliances in the game CFC and TEST. The battle took place in an area called 6VDT, which is controlled by the TEST alliance. CFC held a two-month campaign before this attack and warned TEST about it. TEST decided to take a heroic last stand against CFC and they failed, although the TEST leader said:

“A day will come again when the courage of Test fails, when we forsake our allies and break all nips and agreements. But it is not this day.

“An hour of prophecies and AHAC wrecks when the age of Test comes crashing down. But it is not this day. This day we fight. By all that you hold dear in Nullsec, I bid you, stand. Pilots of Test!”

This photo below may make you want to try this game out after seeing such epic and record-breaking scene made by players. I am thinking of trying this game after such an awesome battle and historic photos.

Published Jul. 30th 2013

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