The Art of Amy Brown Set to Enchant the Tabletop World With Fickle

Compete for fairy favor and be crowned ruler in Fickle, the tabletop game featuring the art of Amy Brown.

Amy Brown is a well known watercolor painter specializing in fairies and other fantastical creatures. With a product line featuring calendars, statues, art books, stickers, coloring books, and more, her line is expanding to the tabletop world.

Recently, Brown partnered with Bard Games and launched a tabletop game via Kickstarter. Titled Fickle, the game features Brown's vivid artwork and is set in the fairy realm.

The goal of Fickle is to gain the favor of the fairy world and become its ruler by winning the Ritual of Ascendancy. Five fairy family decks are chosen at the start of the game. The deck is shuffled and each player receives three cards. From there, players stack their neighbor's cards in a specific order. Players can choose to keep or discard the card on top of their stack.

To win, a player can either collect five members of the same family or gather a high-scoring diverse alliance. Too many of one family can cancel out their favor. There are five rounds of play, forcing players to think quickly. 

Fickle is fully funded and pushing toward various stretch goals with three days left on its Kickstarter campaign. With 672 backers, the goal of $8,000 was quickly reached; currently, the project has just over $40,000 pledged.

Those interested can pledge as little as $1. Those who pledge $60 or more will receive the game with all unlocked stretch goals and the game's three add ons.

The base game comes with 12 family decks, the rule book, a double-sided game board, one court crier token, one phase token, and eight round tokens.

Stretch goals already unlocked include new family decks, a play mat, and the three add ons: a Fickle branded token pouch, an e-coloring book, and a token crown. The next goal, card sleeves, unlocks at 700 backers. 


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Published Jun. 17th 2019

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