Pokemon Duel Celebrates Its 1-Year Anniversary with New Figures and More

The Pokemon Company is offering new figures, loyalty bonuses, and discounts in honor of the game's milestone.

Pokemon Duel, the other mobile Pokemon game, is celebrating its one-year anniversary today (one year for the English version, that is). In honor of this milestone, the Pokemon Company is offering a promo from January 17th until January 30th at 9:59 am EST, featuring several new rewards for players, some of which were previously limited to those who made substantial in-game purchases.

Pokemon Duel is a free-to-play board game that has players choose figures of their favorite Pokemon and strategically move them across the board, engaging with other players through battle in the process. Figures can be acquired through normal gameplay or purchased using gems, Pokemon Duel's in-game currency, as can other helpful items like plates and boosters.

Some figures are more rare than others, but those who log in to the game between January 17th and January 30th at 9:59 am EST will receive a free EX Deoxys Normal Forme figure. All players will also have access to monthly loyalty rewards for the event's duration, namely, extra login bonuses and a special fulfillment bonus. These rewards were previously limited to those who purchased 1,500 or more points worth of in-game gems items. And speaking of gems, the promo also involves a discount on gems purchased through the in-game store.

Finally, there are some new figures being introduced. Mewtwo X and Mewtwo Y have been added to the Recommended Boosters, and Duel will be featuring Ultra Beast figures too, starting with Nihilego.


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Published Jan. 17th 2018

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