Metal Slug Defense Review: The Latest From SNK Playmore

Send your units to the battlefield and take over enemy bases with a simple tap of your finger.

This is the latest game in the Metal Slug series from SNK Playmore. There have been countless renditions of this series on multiple platforms--from the original NEO-GEO to iOS and Android. I have been a huge fan of Metal Slug through the years and loved them all. But this is a departure from the usual Run-and-Gun side scrolling action we all know and love, and has been turned in to a RPG/Tower defense type hybrid.

So What Is It, You Ask

In more typical Metal Slug titles, players take control of an individual soldier as they run, gun, and jump their way through 2D levels full of enemy soldiers. In Metal Slug Defense, players instead take control of a base, spitting out soldier after soldier, the goal being to destroy the enemy base on the other side of the level.

The fact that players are managing armies in Metal Slug Defense, direct control of any single soldier is limited to triggering special abilities. By tapping any single unit that is glowing blue, players can have their soldiers throw grenades or have engineers build barricades, all of which can make or break the outcome of a given battle. As players win, they can unlock more units that can then be used in following battles.

Even though it sounds almost nothing like earlier Metal Slug games, Metal Slug Defense does a good job at recreating the feel of the much-loved series from SNK Playmore. All of the fun, over the top humor and great old school sound FX and music are still all there, and there are constant nods to more minor aspects of the Metal Slug world throughout the menus.

The only real downsides to Metal Slug Defense come as the result of a mix of poor explanation and a not fully Free-to-Play model. Fortunately, Metal Slug Defense‘s multiplayer mode is very straightforward and well-executed. Which goes a long way in helping balance out what may start to feel more of a chore than fun gaming that is single player mode.

My Thoughts

Overall, Metal Slug Defense is worth sinking some time into. The game has most of what makes older Metal Slugs stand out as awesome Arcade classics, while also being a different game altogether. If you are a fan of the SNK Playmore range and Tower defense type games I'd recommend at least having a go.

Our Rating
Send your units to the battlefield and take over enemy bases with a simple tap of your finger.

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Published May. 13th 2014
  • Georgi_2819
    The biggest peace of shit I ever played... Strategic game means same units for all the players in battles! If you pay for more powerful unit, you will each time win battle. Can't win with Game skills. Just need to buy and give money to this bastards , for their "POWERFULL UNITS" . BIGGEST PIECE OF SHIT I ever seen. Each time the winner is the idiot with BIGGEST DECK. Uninstall for sure. Review 0

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