GTA V PC Cheats, Tips and Tricks That You Need to Know

The PC version of Grand Theft Auto V is a difficult challenge for gamers. Use the tips, hints and tricks here to enhance the entertainment of playing one of the most popular games on any platform.

One of the most popular video games on any platform, Grand Theft Auto V for the PC features one of the most diverse and open worlds I have ever experienced in forty years of gaming.

The PC version of the popular video game GTA 5 is also very challenging, but we have the cheats, tips and tricks you need to know to get started in Los Santos and Blaine County.

The Best Cars You Can Buy... or Steal

You need a fast car in Grand Theft Auto 5 and the Zentorno is the best in my opinion.

It costs $750,000 but is worth the price, and it has no back window, which makes it more bullet proof.

Buy the Karin Karuma upon unlocking, it's the best four-door in the game, includes 100% armor, and has tiny windows that are indispensable on certain missions.

The Canins Mesa is a cool off-road vehicle you can't buy in GTA 5, but you can get it using the following method.


  1. During the mission "The Wrap Up" players are given access to the Canins Mesa to escape a gunfight.
  2. Instead of traveling down the main road, head to Michael's 4-car garage.
  3. Exchange it for another vehicle.
  4. You'll be followed by a helicopter, but you can outrun it. 


Now that you have the Canins Mesa saved, you can customize it to your heart's desire. 

Yes, You Should Improve Character Skills

GTA 5 PC players have three usable characters to play the game with; Trevor, Michael and Franklin. Each has his own story, personal quirks and special abilities. 

Franklin is a superior driver.

Michael can shoot the hairs off of a fly.

Trevor is a maniac great at destruction and chaos.  

Spend time improving the skills and special abilities of each character by doing all the activities you can find. Visit the shooting range to improve accuracy, swim, cycle or run to enhance stamina, and drive fast cars and do stunts to become a better driver.  

Side Missions

Keep an eye out for questions marks and blue dots popping up on the map playing GTA 5 on the PC. 

A question mark indicates a "Strangers and Freaks" side mission is available. Just walk or drive toward the question mark and the mission will start.

A blue dot indicates a Blue Dot mission is ready for play. These missions sometimes have cut scenes to help explain the event. There's also one mission you have only one shot at getting, so keep an eye out if you want to do every mission. 

Armoured cars show up on the map as blue dots, and you can rob any parked armoured car using the following method.


  1. Hop on a motorbike and head toward the parked armoured car. 
  2. Bump the guard with your bike as he carries the case and he'll stumble and drop the case. 
  3. Jump off the bike, grab the case and 
  4. the guards will tell you to drop it or they'll shoot. 
  5. Just jump back on the bike and ride off into the sunset, without a Wanted Level.


Always Check the Game Map

The game map in GTA V is the best way to find entertaining and profitable things to do. Players can zoom in and out of areas to plan routes to and from a heist and find strip joints, clothes shops and the barber's shop. If you aren't checking the map, you need to.

Always Check Your Cell Phone

As you play Grand Theft Auto 5 on the PC, you'll meet new people and their phone numbers and details will automatically be added to your phone, so you can call them to hang out anytime.

These contacts will phone you to take part in side stories that can earn you extra money, develop profitable contacts, and improve your skills.

As you progress through the game, more and more of these contacts will phone to see if you can help out, or want to take part in entertaining and profitable ventures.  

Find Dom

One of the most entertaining and challenging things you can do in GTA 5 on the PC is seek out Dom. He's a legend both behind the wheel and on the mean streets of Los Santos. You'll gain access to Dom via the "Risk Assessment" Strangers and Freaks mission.

Here's how to find Dom:

  1. Travel to Vinewood Hills with Franklin
  2. Look for a barking dog
  3. The dog will lead you down a dirt path to Dom, who is hanging in a tree by his parachute, overlooking Vinewood Bowl.
  4. Dom will ask you to go skydiving with him, you'll say yes.

Once you do find Dom, be ready for four missions that will take it to the next level. He only goes extreme, but the rewards are worth the effort and time required.

Play The GTA 5 Stock Market with LON

As you play Franklin, make sure to listen to talk shows on local the radio stations, to make sure you keep up to date on the latest stock market news. 



  • Franklin occasionally takes part in assassination missions that can affect the price of stocks listed on the market. 
  • If you check on the effect his next assassination will have on the stock market, you can make some quick cash playing the market.
  • Each playable character in GTA 5 has their own wallet, so you invest the money of each character, before starting the assassination mission.
  • It's also best to do these types of missions at the end of the game, so that you have more money to invest in a venture. 
  • After a mission, head to a safe house, and fall asleep three times. This gives your stock time to mature and you'll make more money.
  • Just remember you have to invest, before the mission starts, or the game won't let you buy stock.


Insurance Company Stock Cheat

Invest money in Augery Insurance stock (AUG) and then head out into Los Santos to damage and destroy cars.

This should result in the stock rising and you can sell stocks to make money. 

Build a GTA 5 Real Estate Empire

Once you have enough money, it's time to buy houses, garages, and empty buildings, to get them earning money for you.  

You can find property for sale on the map suitable to store planes, cars, or any toy you buy. 

You can make money buying and selling property playing GTA 5 on the PC, but it takes planning and research to carry out. 

Find and Buy the Best Apartment in GTA 5

GTA 5 players looking for a great pad should buy 3 Alta Street, Apt 57.


  • This is a luxury apartment with a ten car garage that makes carrying out a heist easier.
  • It only costs $223,000.
  • It has a central location in the city, close to gun clubs, with a great view.


Use the Grand Theft Auto 5 tricks, tips and cheats above to earn more money and enhance the fun of playing your favorite PC game.

Using these ideas you can rule the city and Blaine County.

I'll see you on the mean streets of Los Santos! 


Reading, writing and gaming are all art forms if you have a passion to learn, express yourself and have fun. Being able to make a living while doing your passions is an even greater gift.

Published Dec. 23rd 2019
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