Fear the walking dead: Dead Run makes its way to iPad, iPhone and iPod touch

Horror enthusiasts can now get Fear the Walking Dead: Dead Run available for ipad, ipod and ipod touch

AMC has teamed up with the game publisher Versus Evil to bring fans of Fear the Walking Dead a brand new and exciting way to experience the zombie apocalypse show. Fear the Walking Dead: Dead Run was announced yesterday, as the first official mobile game title for the show. The game can be downloaded for free worldwide on iOS devices.

In Fear the Walking Dead: Dead Run players must survive a zombie-ridden Los Angeles as some of their favorite characters from the show. Players have to escape many familiar landscapes, like an abandoned church, a local sports arena, and a High school to find their way to "safety". With over 40 weapons to choose from and limited ammo, players must use their wits and skills to conquer either Survival Mode or the Episodes Story Mode.

Steve Escalante, GM and founder of Versus Evil had this to say about Fear the Walking Dead: Dead Run:

“We’re all huge fans of the ‘Fear the Walking Dead,’ and it’s been great working with AMC to bring this game to the fans...Our goal from the beginning was to create a fun, accessible experience that stayed true to the energy of the show. We hope fans enjoy playing as their favorite show characters and competing with their friends in a world falling apart.”

Fans of Fear the Walking Dead can get their hands on this title from the  iTunes store. Also as an added perk, Fear the Walking Dead: Dead Run will be discussed on a special edition of  "Talking Dead: Fear Edition”, which airs Monday night.


Cresta Starr is a 28 year old from NYC. An avid video game lover and crazy cat lady in training.

Published Apr. 12th 2016
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