PES 2014 Can Now Go Online On Xbox 360

A new patch released today will fix the online connectivity issues for the Xbox 360 version of PES 2014.

Since its release on September 20th, Xbox 360 players have had difficulties playing PES 2014 online. Today Konami has released a patch that should allow the game to be played online.

"The update remedies all online issues affecting the Xbox 360 version of PES 2014, restoring full online functionality to the game,”-Konami regarding the update for PES 2014.

If you're a competitive player in the Xbox community you can finally rejoice over the news of being able to play online. Most competitive play for any game happens online, so being unable to connect was likely disheartening to those who wished to compete.

Worry not, as Konami will not let bugs like this hinder your enjoyment of the game and we'll continue to do all in their ability to keep things like this from happening.

Look forward to more players to join these coming soon.

Fans of the game can also rejoice in the news that Konami will be bringing new content to the game as early as November. Currently they are anticipating a release of over 800 additional players and modified rosters, as well as more game improvements. So look forward to new content in the weeks to come!

Published Oct. 24th 2013

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