MtG: 11 Best War of the Spark Cards for Modern

Liliana's Triumph

Diabolic Edict is back in Modern!

Liliana's Triumph is even better than Diabolic Edict, as it can also force an opponent to discard a card if you control a Liliana planeswalker. Since a vast number of black decks already play Liliana of the Veil and Liliana, Last Hope in Modern, it won't take long before Liliana's Triumph becomes another staple card in the format.

Besides black midrange decks this card may also find its way into 8-Rack decks that are always on the lookout for effective discard spells. It completely ignores Hexproof and Leyline of Sanctity, which makes it incredibly powerful against any kind of targeted protection.

Published Apr. 26th 2019

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