Seven Skyrim mods that need to be in Fallout 4

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It’s been just over two weeks since Fallout 4 arrived, and in that time we’ve seen a slew of mods released for the game – including a fair few NSFW nude ones. As the weeks pass and the modders and their tools improve, expect to see bigger and better modifications to become available. No doubt there’ll be plenty of fan-created stories, locations, enemies, and weapons making an appearance, but maybe modders should look toward Bethesda’s last open-world RPG epic for inspiration – Skyrim.

People sometimes forget that the fifth installment of the Elder Scrolls series was released all of four years ago, partly due to the incredible number of mods available for the game that have kept its visuals and gameplay fresh. And while Fallout 4 is said to contain around 500 hours of gameplay - should you wish to do every single thing the game has to offer - there will come a time when people start to drift away from the Wasteland. So why not recreate some of the best Skyrim mods for Fallout 4?

Here are the seven Skyrim mods that need to make the leap from the Northern part of Tamriel to post-apocalyptic Boston. Get on it, modders!

Published Nov. 27th 2015

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