Gotta Drink 'Em All! Cocktails Based On The Starters From Pokemon Red/Blue

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Us 90's kids who grew up with Pokemon Red and Blue are adults now. That comes with its share of annoyances, like the fact that we have to find a real job, take responsibility for ourselves, don't get summers off, and are generally unwelcome at jungle gyms. But despite all that, there are a few perks.

The ability to drink delicious alcoholic beverages is definitely pretty high on that list. So with that in mind, here are some custom-created cocktails based on the starter Pokemon of the games we grew up with. Oh, and by the way, this is part 1 of a series. Over the coming weeks, we will be creating easy-to-make craft cocktails based on each and every Pokemon from the original games. We're knocking out 9 today, so dust off your Atomic Purple Game Boy Color, and come along for the ride.

Published May. 19th 2016

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