Alan Wake Remastered Writes a New Chapter Ahead of Halloween

Fans can return to Bright Falls in October, and new players don't have long to wait to meet Alan Wake.

Alan Wake Remastered will release on October 5, confirming the rumors of the game's exact release date that have been swirling for some time. It will release on all major platforms, including PC via Epic Games, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. The news comes from Sony's PlayStation Showcase, where a gameplay trailer took fans back to Bright Falls and introduced newcomers to the troubled author.

Alan Wake Remastered will cost $29.99 for both the physical and digital versions.

Remedy Games and Creative Director Sam Lake revealed the existence of Alan Wake Remastered earlier this week through a blog post on the Alan Wake fansite, The Sudden Stop. There Lake said that he and the team were happy to bring the game to modern platforms finally. 

A press release sent out to confirm the game's existence said it would support 4K, have director commentary, and include the game's two DLC packs, The Writer and The Signal. It will not include Alan Wake's American Nightmare since that's technically a spinoff. 

Lake took to the PlayStation Blog to provide more technical details for the remaster on PlayStation consoles. He said that it will run at 4K 60fps on PlayStation 5, make use of the DualSense, and have activity cards. ". The PlayStation 4 Pro offers a choice of Performance (60fps) and Quality (4K at 30fps) modes and PS4 version runs at 30fps," he said.

A similar post on the Xbox Wire said AW Remastered will support Smart Delivery, and hit 4K 60fps on Series X. There was no specific mention of Series specs, but it's likely to hit that system's max resolution of 1440p and 60fps as well. 

Here's how everything breaks down in regards to resolutions and framerate according to the official FAQ: 

  • PlayStation 4 – 1080p / 1080p / 30fps
  • PlayStation 4 Pro (Performance Mode) – 1080p / 1080p / 60fps
  • PlayStation 4 Pro (Quality Mode) – 1296p / 2160p (4K) / 30fps / 4 x MSAA
  • Xbox One – 900p / 900p / 30fps
  • Xbox One X (Performance Mode) – 1080p / 1080p / 60fps
  • Xbox One X (Quality Mode) – 1440p / 2160p (4K) / 30fps / 4 x MSAA
  • PlayStation 5 – 1440p / 2160p (4K) / 60fps / 4X MSAA
  • Xbox Series X – 1440p / 2160p (4K) / 60fps / 4 X MSAA
  • Xbox Series S – 1080p / 1080p / 60fps
  • PC – 4K / unlimited

It's clear from the trailer that Alan Wake is showing its age a bit, even if the game does still look good with its graphics overhaul. The lighting deserves special mention for making the town and environments extra creepy. Stay tuned for more on Alan Wake in the coming weeks, including our review of the remaster.

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Published Sep. 10th 2021

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