Best YouTubers for Kids to Watch in 2019

Looking for new kid-friendly YouTubers your kids can watch in the coming year without you having to worry? We've got you covered.

YouTube... It can be an amazing place, and it can be a terrifying place -- particularly if you have kids hitting their tweens. Today, almost all kids have access to either cell phones or some sort of mobile devices that allow them to log into YouTube wherever they want, finding their way to anything from educational content to explicit content not necessarily appropriate for adults, much less growing kids.

For parents, that means they need to be vigilant about making sure the content their kids are accessing meets their standards. Of course, everyone knows how difficult that is. On YouTube it’s easy enough to just stumble across something that falls out of the range of ideal content. Then there’s the friend factor. If your kids’ friends are watching it, they’ve probably seen it too.

And -- of course -- there’s the ever growing problem of content creators that seem kid-friendly suddenly taking a shift into less appropriate content.

It should be no surprise to most parents that gaming content is some of the most poplar to view. In fact, if you spend some time researching the viewer counts on YouTube videos, Minecraft and Fortnite are always at the top of the list. But not all Minecraft or Fortnite videos are the same. And, despite the mostly PG nature of the games themselves, a lot of the material created around them are definitely not appropriate for your kids.

The good news is, we want to help you out. So, after spending some time on YouTube, sifting through the myriad of content available, we’ve come up with a list of some of the best content creators making videos for kids in the pre-tween to tween age range. Some are educational, some are downright silly, and some... well, they’re definitely not made with adult audiences in mind. But they’re all kid-friendly.

So, without further ado, here are the best YouTubers for kids to watch in 2019.

Litanah -- Daily Fortnite videos

Even as an adult, I likeLitanah a lot. His videos are fun and a bit educational, taking advantage of the building feature found in Fortnite to experiment with random things. His tests may not use the most accurate scientific protocols, but they do encourage curiosity and creativity -- both things we could all use a little more reinforcement on.

Of course, his channel isn’t all “Silly Science,” Fortnite fans can also find a regular podcast, weapon reviews, and loot llama opening videos.

Atlantic Craft -- Minecraft videos

I’ll admit, it’s kind of hard to spend any time in the gaming section of YouTube and not trip over Minecraft videos. They are everywhere. And a good portion of them are directed at kids ranging in age from around 7 to 12.

Atlantic Craft is a great channel for just that crowd. Like Litanah, they offer a variety of video types -- including excellent challenge videos where three different players compete to see who can come up with the best build. Challenge projects can be almost anything, ranging from roller coasters to the Krusty Krab from Spongebob Squarepants. Atlantic's channel also features silly RP/story-style videos that kids can enjoy.

And, if that's not enough, he also has channels for Fortnite and Roblox.

NightFoxx -- Roblox Videos

NightFoxx is a Roblox YouTuber and streamer whose videos all seem to focus on co-op activities and team work -- if not a little bit of trolling their teammates. Basically, they're everything kids seem to like in YouTube content.  

His content is over-the-top energetic, so parents should expect a lot of excited screaming when their kids are watching him. But based on the videos I've seen, parents shouldn't have to worry about their kids picking up any inappropriate language or information. It's all just friends hanging out and having a good time.

It's also worth noting that some of the co-op players in the videos with him are, in fact, kids who are treated equally to everyone else, which might make NightFoxx's videos even more appealing.

PandaFire11 -- Minecraft Roleplay

Here we have another Minecraft channel -- this one focused on the RP elements of the game -- whether that be special adventure mods or general roleplaying.

There are several episodic "shows" on the channel, including a Supernatural roleplay show titled Celestial Forest and another titled Fallout Origins, based on... you guessed it... Fallout.

PandaFire also teams with other content creators making similar whose work is hosted on his channel. So there's plenty to keep the kids entertained.

Phoeberry -- Roblox Fun

This Roblox channel is a bit more chill than the others in this list. Phoeberry's not much of an over-reactor, although she does get pretty excited when coming across new content or shiny things.

Aside from exploring the world, Phoeberry gets up to some light merry making, doing things like dressing as Santa and sneaking into other players' houses -- waiting to see if they notice her and giving them presents.

It's a pretty fun channel, and definitely ideal for those days when you'd rather the kids' entertainment be a bit quieter.

Little Leah -- Minecraft and Roblox

Like Atlantic Craft, Little Leah offers videos on multiple games -- in this case Minecraft and Roblox. It's a bit of a joint project. Leah plays with her husband Donny, doing things like competing to see who can build the best treehouse as well as general roleplaying.

Parents can also expect some general vlogs on there as well. But don't worry, it's all family friendly. In fact, they're pretty cute playing together and their videos have a very happy vibe.

If your kid is really only into one of the games, that's okay, because Leah also has channels specifically for each of them. The channel linked above just pulls the best from each and puts them in one place for viewers to enjoy.

TanqR -- Roblox

Yep! We're ending with another Roblox-centric channel, and like Little Leah's channel, this one has a family focus aside from just being kid friendly. TanqR's recently started playing with his dad -- who, by the way, has his own small gaming channel: OldmanGamingHD. (*Note, I haven't perused Dad's channel so I don't know how appropriate it is for the kids.)

TanqR's Roblox channel appears to be a bit more broad than the others listed here. And it is pretty high-energy. Of course, that's exactly what he's going for with his content.


... And there you have it. Seven kid-friendly channels that you can let your kids watch in the coming year. And the great news is that you didn't even have to go looking for them. We did the work for you.

Now, there are a few things to note. The fine print, as it were.

The author obviously didn't watch every video on each of the channels. Instead, it was more of a random sampling. But the videos watched were watched all the way through and nothing worrisome popped up.

Of course, we can't guarantee that things won't change with these channels later on. So, you'll likely still want to check in on them from time to time. As noted above, it's not unheard of for a channel that's directed at kids to stray from that audience. But, from what we've seen, these ones are pretty solidly dedicated to programming for younger audiences.

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Published Dec. 20th 2018

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