DOTA2 introduces the Custom Game Pass

DOTA2 has a new way for players to support their favorite Custom Game creators

As part of the DOTA 2 Reborn patch last year, Valve added the ability for players to create Custom Games that other members of the community could queue up for. They’re excellent for players who don’t have time for a full game, don't have a full team to queue up with, or those looking for a change of pace. Just as game developers can monetize their creations on Steam, Custom Game creators will also be able to get paid for their creative work. On March 15th, the Custom Game Pass was announced on the DOTA 2 blog. Custom Games will remain free to play, but the Pass allows the creator to include special extras that players can buy to enhance their experience.

The first game to have a Custom Game Pass will be Roshpit Champions. This is a survival game for 4 players trying to defeat waves of enemies that grow stronger over time. With the Pass, which will cost $1 for 30 days, players get additional stash and character slots, as well as other perks. At the end of the 30 days, the player can choose whether they want to renew their subscription or not. The 30 day time period encourages creators to provide ongoing support, and allows players time to reassess whether they want to continue supporting that game.

Not every Custom Game will be given a pass. The DOTA team will be in charge of the program and will choose which games will be eligible. They state in their FAQ that they want, “games which have already established a sizeable community and are mature enough to offer good value to customers.”

Getting content creators paid is a good thing, and could help expand the Custom Game community. Do you have a favorite Custom Game you hope gets a Pass? Let us know in the comments below.


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Published Mar. 17th 2016

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