Pathologic 2's Difficulty Sliders Arrive — And They Work Both Ways

Don't want to constantly manage your hunger and thirst, or prefer an even more unforgiving experience? Thanks to the difficulty sliders, you can now play this game any way you please!

When it comes to disturbing fever dream imagery and a dreary gameplay experience that will have you pondering the nature of humanity, Pathologic 2 is second to none.

Unfortunately, its also a relentlessly difficult game, as the constant battle against hunger, thirst, and infection mean you spend more time trying to stay alive than actually completing quests.

For those with less patience (or who just simply aren't gluttons for extreme punishment), the previously announced difficulty sliders are now here in the latest Pathologic 2 update.

For the "git gud kid" crowd, you'll be happy to know the sliders work both ways.

Players can now even go the opposite direction, making Pathologic 2 even more unforgiving with faster hunger, thirst, infection, and exhaustion.  

A video clip of the development team discussing the rationale behind adding the sliders can be seen below, and publisher tinyBuild/developer Ice Pick Games also issued this statement:

To put it mildly, Pathologic 2 is a tough game. And rightly so: for being the game about a catastrophe, it was always intended to be grueling, stressful, and bleak.

However, we heard your feedback and decided to make an update that would allow you to adjust the experience. But instead of making a simple slider to offer a range from Story Mode to Hardcore, we are giving players the way to make lots of fine tweaks to control hunger, fatigue, immunity, thirst and so on.

Use this tool to make the world of Pathologic a bit more forgiving or turn on the absolute hardcore survival mode -- the choice is yours to make now. Enjoy!

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Published Jun. 7th 2019

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