Complete Guide to Pokémon GO Available Now for Pre-Order

Need a handy guidebook to help you be the very best when it comes to Pokémon GO? Look no further!

Future PLC, the minds behind popular gaming website Gamesradar, have published an independent, unofficial guide to Pokémon GO, due to be released on September 1.

The 116 page guidebook is described by its creators as “the ultimate independent companion to the latest gaming phenomenon”. It will feature lots of different hints and tricks to succeed at the game, along with other interesting information for new and old fans alike, such as the history of Pokémon.

Specific features include: guides to evolving Pokémon, taking over gyms, essential items to get the best experience from the game, the best cities to search for Pokémon, and how to become a better trainer all around. The guide also promises many more useful tips to help you catch ‘em all, too.

The Complete Guide to Pokémon GO is available for pre-order now for just £5.99, and will be on sale September 1, 2016.

Published Aug. 17th 2016

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