Trove is getting PvP

Trove getting PvP is a geat step for this game. It will bring competition to the game a much-needed aspect.

Trove, the dungeon-diving voxel game, is getting PvP. This long awaited addition to the game will begin stress testing on October 28th from 2PM PDT to 3PM PDT.

If you have been following Trove from the beginning, then you know that it officially released back in July. The game is an MMORPG sandbox that allows its players to create content like weapons and headgear. That aspect alone made the game extremely popular among the artsy crowd.  All content is submitted then approved by the development team before being added to the game. This way the game keeps its family-friendly PG aspect.

PvP being added to the game is no surprise since it has the right environment for it. With a mix of different classes and the ability to upgrade gear, players needed more than monsters to battle. So the reasonable solution to this is to battle each other. There is a restriction to the upcoming stress test you need to be aware of: all players will need a level 20 character on the live server to enter the arena.

If you want to gain access to the test, you will need to download the test server client through the Glyph client. Players won’t have to worry about their levels on the test server, since the Battle Arena will be scaling players’ levels to keep game play fair. The Battle Arena is going to consist of four-player teams in a capture the flag standoff. So be ready to defend your flag against enemy players!


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Published Oct. 28th 2015

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