12 most anticipated video game sequels on the horizon

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Gears of War 4

There's no beating around the bush here - this is the reason I bought an Xbox One. Chainsaw duels, hammerburst sniping from cover, endless rounds of horde mode: the Gears Of War experience is what I most associate with the Xbox consoles.

Part 4 heads into the future of Sera after Marcus and Adam Fenix decided to go all full-on genocide against the locust. This time around the son of Marcus will be embroiled in a battle against new monstrous creatures, very little of which is actually known at this point.

The game did take a bit of a beating after a lackluster beta test, however, but confidence is returning after recent announcements of graphical upgrades and gameplay tweaks following beta feedback.

Personally I'm not too worried on the visual front: I still play horde mode on Gears 3 regularly and don't mind even going back and playing the uglier looking first game from time to time, so graphical perfection isn't particularly a big concern for me, and I'd be buying this even if if was a text adventure.

Published Jun. 29th 2016

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