12 most anticipated video game sequels on the horizon

Dead Rising 4

For good or ill, photographer Frank is back! The previous third entry in the series – launching with the Xbox One -- didn't fare as well as hoped in this franchise that's equal parts infuriating and amazing.

What's been shown of Dead Rising 4 does look to have all the absurd hilarity of the first two, however (remember mowing down hordes of zombies... on a tricycle while dressed up like a little kid?)

This is a series that people tend to like despite major problems, and the concern is that those flaws in design have now essentially become the established norm. Capcom really needs to make some changes this time around.

I mean does anyone actually like the timed cases or the overly hard bosses that play completely differently from the rest of the game? Those should definitely be filed under the “bugs” column rather than the “features” column.

Published Jun. 29th 2016

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