12 most anticipated video game sequels on the horizon

System Shock Remake

What these young whippersnappers today raised on Bioshock and SOMA might not know is that long ago there was an equally disturbing sci-fi experience called System Shock that inspired all that was to come down the line.

That '94 classic is set to return soon in a very different form, rebuilt from the ground up in Unity with updated mechanics (as well as graphics of course). In two days the Kickstarter campaign for a complete remake of System Shock has raised more than $500,000, so it's a good bet this one will hit more than a few stretch goals.

The expected release date of December 2017 is feasible (especially considering a demo has already been created) if perhaps slightly optimistic, and the new version will feature the talents of gaming legend Chris Avellone.

Published Jun. 29th 2016

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