First Video App Announced for Nintendo Switch

A Japan exclusive Niconico app will arrive on the eShop on July 13.

Dwango has announced that an app for Japanese video sharing and streaming service Niconico -- a service Japanese game companies often use for announcements and events, such as Tokyo Game Show -- will be available on Nintendo Switch on July 13 via the Nintendo Switch eShop.

In addition to basic video playback, the Niconico app will include several useful features such as:

  • Automatic play of related videos: One of the related videos will play automatically after the current video ends.
  • Search for Videos While Watching Another: Users can decrease the size of the current video and continue watching it as they search for a separate video.
  • Playlist Creation: Users will be able to add videos they enjoy to a playlist to play them one after the other.
  • See Comments Even When The Currently Playing Video Is Smaller: Users will be able to see comments on screen even while watching a video and searching for another.

The Niconico app can be used while the Switch is in TV mode, tabletop mode, or handheld mode and will have Japanese language support.

According to a report by The Verge, Nintendo's listing for the Niconico app indicates that companies may be able to publish apps to the Nintendo Switch eShop directly without the use of major system updates -- meaning that similar apps such as YouTube and Twitch could appear sooner than later.

It should also be noted that while the app will only be available in Japan's eShop, Switch owners in other regions can easily download the app by creating an alternate Japanese Nintendo Account.

When the Nintendo Switch first launched, it had no video app support, with the company saying that they would "come in time." The Niconico app will be the first official video app available on the system. It was also the first video app to appear on the PlayStation Vita.

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Published Jul. 12th 2017

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