Did Your Favorite Hero Make the List? Overwatch Open Beta Stats Revealed!

Blizzard revealed fun stats and factoids on what went down during Overwatch's open beta!

Just last week, Blizzard announced that over 9.7 million people participated in Overwatch's open beta earlier this month. More recently, they released an infograph that details how much damage was really done during beta. 

While there's a boatload of fun information in the infographic, here's just some of interesting stats Blizzard shared. Over 37,000,000 matches were played, with the longest average match length at nine minutes for Control missions, while Assault missions averaged to only six minutes.

The most popular heroes of each class were: Solider:76 (Offense), Widowmaker (Defense), Reinhardt (Tank), and Mercy (Support). I'm surprised that Bastion didn't make it on this list! 

Total damage output turned out to be 1,369,749,063,663, while total healing was 168,015,096,011. Let's all be thankful that I don't have to say the damage output number aloud. 

Perhaps you've come to wonder how many times the clock hit High Noon during the beta. Blizzard's got you covered. It was High Noon 5.7 million times a day -- and 5.7 million times did players try to dart out the way (that last bit is my own statistic).

Lastly, Blizzard (so adorably) added at the end of the infograph that they are infinity times grateful for beta testers and fans of Overwatch. Thanks Blizzard!

Are you surprised by any of these factoids? I'm still wondering how Bastion didn't make the list!

Here's a look at all the stats below:

Overwatch Open Beta Stats



Published May. 21st 2016

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