Monster Hunter 4 Ships 2 Million Copies in Japan in Less Than a Week

Monster Hunter 4 ships 2 million units since release

Monster Hunter is serious business in Japan. It should come to no surprise that the latest Nintendo 3DS entry to the series, Monster Hunter 4, has shipped a whopping 2 million units since its release this past Saturday, September 14th.

Though the number of units shipped does not give a look at the amount sold, one can assume the game is selling very well between the combination of Nintendo eShop and physical copy sales (enough to warrant additional shipments).

Monster Hunter 4 is currently ranked as third on the Japanese eShop in terms of sales, right behind Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Pokemon AR Searcher. The third spot is perhaps the best the game could ask for, considering the vast popularity of the two games sitting in the first and second positions.

Capcom hopes to ship 2.8 million copies of Monster Hunter 4 by March 31st of next year, but it seems like they will surpass that goal well before 2014.

Amongst all of this, we still have yet to hear word on a localization of this latest main-line Monster Hunter title. Monster Hunter Tri and 3 Ultimate sold reasonably well in the West. Let's hope Capcom doesn't shoot themselves in the foot and choose not to localize the fourth entry to the series.

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Published Sep. 17th 2013

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