Companion App for Titanfall Launches for Mobile Devices

Electronic Arts has released the new Companion App for Titanfall.

Electronic Arts has released the new Titanfall Companion App, which allows players to learn more about the Titanfall world. The app will help inform users about topics such as the games levels, weapons, characters and back story, as well as provide some useful tips on improving their game.

Those who play on the Xbox One can use the app to keep up with their stats or use their device's screen to display a real-time map or scoreboard while they are competing. The description of the app also says that those on the One will be able to apply filters to the map to gain additional information that is not available within the game.

The Titanfall Companion App has released for Android, iOS, Windows Phones and Windows 8 devices. The download is 612mb, so it will take up some space but in the end it will be a big help for those who are looking for an edge over other gamers.


Published May. 16th 2014

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