A Look Into My Friends Favorite Game

My friend expounds on his favorite game.

I recently asked my friend Stephen what his favorite game is. His answer was somewhat surprising, but a good choice all the same. His favorite game is The Legend of Dragoon. Since I never owned a Playstation (and as such never played the game), I was interested in hearing what made the game so good for him.

So what is your favorite game?

If I had to pick a favorite game it would be The Legend of Dragoon, a 4 disc, epic length RPG on Playstation one.

What makes Legend of the Dragoon unique to other RPGs?

This game has the traditional turn-based combat of RPGs, like the Final Fantasy series, but I consider it one of the earliest and best modern action RPGs because of the timed hit system. Legend of Dragoon’s combat is similar to games like Super Mario RPG but goes the extra step of having the characters gain new combos as they level up from which you can choose your favorite based on the number of hits, simplicity, or just the coolest looking one to you and the more you use them the better your character gets with them.

So clearly you really love the combat. Are there any other combat mechanics you liked?

On top of the timed hits you later gain access to the titular dragoons which are basically people with the power of dragons. When your character transforms into a dragoon they have an extremely cool cinematic (at least for the time) and their attack combo is upgraded. This is also where you get your characters get their magic which, just like the regular attacks, are unique to each character and more are unlocked as the character grows.

So what else did you like?

Well I remember it being one of the first games I played with actual cutscenes. They looked really good too, you could probably look up some to see what I mean. They did a really good job having with mood coloring for the different areas too.

Too my good friend Stephen, I say thank you for the interview.

It was really interesting talking to Stephen about his favorite game. Talking with friends about their favorite games is really fun and interesting, because everyone has different tastes. You get insight into how other people see games and it makes you better overall at analyzing video games. So go chat up a friend about their favorite game. You might be surprised at the response.


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Published Aug. 26th 2013

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