Golf With Your Friends Tees Up for More Content After Team 17 Acquisition

Fans of Golf With Your Friends may be hitting the fairway with new content sooner rather than later if Team 17 has anything to do with it.

Golf With Your Friends has garnered a loyal following since it was released in Steam Early Access back in 2016. The casual sports game that features zany and sometimes highly-challenging put-put-golf-style courses saw its worldwide release on PC and console in 2020 with the help of publisher Team 17. 

Now, according to a report from, Team 17 has decided to bring Golf With Your Friends' development studios, Blacklight Interactive, under its umbrella. And that means that there is the possibility new content on the horizon for the game, specifically, as GIBiz puts it: "... additional DLC, with ideas for a potential sequel also being explored."

Golf With Your Friends is currently out on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Though it's been out on PC for some time, GWYR hit its highest number of peak players in April 2020.

Currently, there is only one DLC pack, the Caddy Pack, out for the game, which includes a relatively small handful of cosmetics. The game's OST is also available separately. 

Team 17 is responsible for developing games in the Worms series, as well as Lemmings and Alien Breed. It has published titles such as Overcooked, The Escapists, and Yooka-Laylee. Stay tuned for more GWYF updates. 



Published Jan. 21st 2021

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