Stinky Donkey: A Fun Spanish / English Learning Card Game for Kids!

Stinky Donkey (Burro Apestoso) is a fun card game for 2 – 6 players, age 6 and up in English and Spanish. Packaged in a convenient pocket size box that you can take to a party, family gathering, camping, or just have fun with your friends and family.

The game similar play as "The Old Maid" cards game.

My goal is to produce 400 card game sets as the first run.

With A pledge of $13 dollars or more, I will send you the First Run Limited Edition Stinky Donkey Card Game Set. Please checkout the content and video by following the link to learn more about the Stinky Donkey card game and support my project.

I have been doing artwork for board game companies for the past couple of years so with the help of my brother Felix (ex Sony employee who is going through a lot because of his kidney problems) we decided to start our own card/board games. This is our first game. It Is not the most original of games I have to admit but is our first. It is the game that will help us be known in the gaming community as well as make connections and learn the process of making, marketing, and financing a game.

I was born with an artistic gift. I won scholarships since I was five years old believe it or not. I love board games so it is my passion to make them as flashy as possible with interesting and eye catching artwork.

I have six brothers; Felix is the 2nd and I am the 5th. Felix is very smart and a lot of people look up to him for advice on legal, ethical, and other matters.

We have two other games in the making; A war game, and an adventure game. I am the lead artist and Felix works on refining the rules and coming up with game ideas.

Thank you.

 Mario Carrizales

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Published Oct. 30th 2013

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