[Dragon Slayer Nominee] Lord of the Rings - Most Passionate Fan Base

Lord of the Rings Online took home the award last year, but what about this year?

The Lord of the Rings Online claimed the title of "Most Passionate Fan Base" last year, and have a good chance of grabbing the award this time around. With a passionate online fan base with a history of awards, there is no way that LOTRO will lose the award this year.

Forum and Online Presence

LOTRO has an amazing online following. Their forum sight is not just for players of the popular online game, but Tolkien fans in general to talk about the famous author's work. From Arkenstone to Withywindle, each server has united through the forum and talk about the game they love. The game also has a very active reddit, Facebook, Youtube and Twitter fan base. Seems like everywhere you go, LOTRO has a huge following. With over 268,446 likes on Facebook, you can tell that the game's fan base is loyal to the online game.

2012 Dragon Slayer Award

Last year LOTRO came out with the award in the end. When it wasn't announced, the online forums went nuts, proving that Lord of the Rings Online has the strongest and most passionate fan group. The fans took the game into their own hands and hopefully this year find their way into the top spot again.

Want to see the Lord of the Rings Online win again? Cast your vote for the "Most Passionate Fan Base" Dragon Slayer award.

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Published Aug. 7th 2013

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