GameStop Lists inFamous: Second Son for April 2014 Launch

inFamous: Second Son to launch on April 1, 2014. Well, according to GameStop.

GameStop has listed the next installment in the inFamous series for an April 1, 2014 launch. As it is a Tuesday, which is a well-known game release day in the United States, it’s a good bet that it isn’t a much-too-early April Fool’s joke from the game retail chain.

It is possible that the date is simply a placeholder, as neither Sony nor developer Sucker Punch have official confirmed the launch. However, it will likely see release in 2014, as it was a big part of Sony’s presentation at E3 and during the PlayStation Meeting in February.

inFamous: Second Son takes place seven years after the good ending of inFamous 2, with players controlling Delsin Rowe, a 24-year old graffiti artist who discovers he is a conduit. Sucker Punch has stated that Delsin’s main ability is that he can absorb the powers of other conduits. Initial gameplay videos indicated his power was the ability to control smoke.

inFamous: Second Son will be a PlayStation 4 exclusive, and will be released in 2014.


Published Jul. 29th 2013
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