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World of Warcraft, Customer service.

As always I'm obligated to write you an article about a piece of gaming, but why bother? Lets go into it a little bit deeper (LIKE A KNIFE TO THE GUT) and twist around a little.

The subject matter today is World of Warcraft. And its customer service.

Its exceptionally. Awesome. Customer. Service.

World of Warcraft, according to TradeChat being this Giant MMO, in 2011 had:

  • 20,000 computers.
  • 1.3 peta-bites of storage
  • 75,000 CPU Cores
  • 5.5 million lines of code
  • 2 million words of text
  • And the upkeep cost $135,000 a day.

So. Two years later, imagine the immensity of this game and its player base.

Blizzard truly is a massive corporation. And now imagine the customer service issues they go through. From hacked accounts, to bugs, glitches and players with questions. Their dedicated team is from all around the world, at multiple headquarters globally. Their GMs are interviewed and flown in to live at their base. That's dedication.

Many tickets I've submitted in the past have been answered from anything to within half an hour, to up to three days. The more severe (or lucky) of my issues are answered within the same day. Generally they are always very friendly, perky people, and seem to want to help in anything. They are incredibly polite and down-to-earth lovely players. Some are a lot more dramatic than others, I must say.

And then there's a tradition that apparently if you ask a Game Master for a joke, they will always give you one! Thus far this has always been correct!

"What do you call a rich elf?"  "Welfy."

"Mister GM can you tell me a joke?" GM: "Your arena rating, Ba dum Tsh!"

"A Tauren walks into a bar. Ouch."

They have hundreds, although I do not encourage you to actively seek out GMs for jokes; they are always incredibly busy!



Published Apr. 29th 2013

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