'WoW MoM' Documentary Aims to Raise Cancer Awareness and Show Benefits of Gaming

Comedian Andie Bolt hopes to raise cancer awareness and promote gaming as a healing method

Comedian Andie Bolt has created a Kickstarter, hoping to fund her documentary WoW MoM. The film's focus and inspiration come from Bolt's mother, Terry Bolt, who was diagnosed in 2010 with a rare cancer known as Neuroendocrine Tumors (NET). She uses World of Warcraft as a way of coping with her illness. 

WoW MoM not only tells the story of Andie Bolt's mother, but many others who have also used WoW and other games as a coping mechanism. The documentary contains several interviews with some big names in the gaming industry including "Clare Grant, Chris Hardwick, Michele Morrow, Holly Conrad, Chloe Dykstra, Fortune Feimster, Greg Fitzsimmons, Adam Ray, AALG, [and] Jarod Nandin." Bolt also seeks to raise awareness of NET, as well as "erase the stigma around talking about cancer." 

Bolt needs $45,000 for the project to be fully funded by Kickstarter, and so far people have pledged $13,108 with 32 days left. She plans to donate 5% of the film's proceeds to NET cancer research.


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Published Nov. 9th 2014

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